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We offer services make your renting process as simple and transparent as possible


Renting with MSW

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MSW adheres to the spirit of sincerity and efficiency to improve your wealth and quality of life. We value every customer and provide a full range of real estate services for high quality customers when leasing property.   

Pre- rental planning (property value-added management)
pro perty design, decoration, construction, furniture configuration


Find the right tenants
Comprehensive marketing to find the right tenants, obtaining tenants reference. Tenant identity verification, preparation of tenancy agreement & inventory list, per-tenancy safety checks, and arrange cleaning before tenancy. We’ll accompany with the tenant to see the property, and collection of the first rent and the deposit.

Collection of rent
Deposit management, bill management, compliance recommendations, access to an online issue track, emergency maintenance, managing the check-out process, contacting tenants regarding renewal, annual statement & report. 

We guarantee that each property we rent meet the specification of the relevant UK rental regulations. It is equipped with relevant certificates, including: Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), Landlord/Home Owner Gas Safety Record, Electrical Installation Condition Report, etc. We also bought British Gas insurance for each property. Once there is any problem with Gas or Heating, you can call British Gas directly and get corresponding help. 

我们确保每套房子都符合英国出租房相关规定,配有相关证书,包括: Energy performance certificate (EPC) ,Landlord/Home owner Gas Safety Record,   Electrical Installation Condition Report等。我们还为每套房子购买了British Gas的保险,一旦煤气或者暖气有任何问题,都可以直接呼叫British Gas, 得到相应的帮助。 

Customers and properties are the top priority of all our work.